Special Note to yachtSOFT Customers
Traveling to Bermuda

If you have current Bermuda charts and would like to manually update them for current Notice-to-Mariners corrections, a list of these corrections may be found by clicking the following link:

Bermuda Notice to Mariners NIMA Chart Corrections
(this link will take a few moments to load * )

 If you don't have charts yet for this passage, we can supply in both digital (electronic charting) and paper formats;
just give us a call or email us. 

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*Bermuda Chart Correction Notes:

The hyperlink to the chart corrections goes directly to the NIMA server, providing a reply page to a search query requesting all update data for current editions of Bermuda port charts.  This list will open in a new browser window, but takes a few moments while the NIMA servers assembles the information.

If you would like to explore this query system directly, you can get there by going to:

  • selecting ABOUT NIMA
  • selecting MARINE NAV HOME PAGE